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Source of 104.3 Jams rips

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2022 7:21 pm
by elliott94

So - out of interest, am I right in thinking that the rips from 104.3 Jams are simply taken from the station's main FM frequency (via a HD Radio receiver)? The reason I ask is that I've noticed that for certain rips, the audio seems to differ - as an example, the mixes from the 16th of July this year are in mono and crackling can be heard throughout (which I thought may be due to the fact that the recording was taken from a location outside of the transmission area or similar) - whilst other mixes are in stereo, but are sometimes panned slightly to the left, for example.


Re: Source of 104.3 Jams rips

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2022 11:32 am
by classicb96
Hi - you're correct, it's recorded from HD broadcast from inside the Chicago area. There were a few shows where it sounded "mono" but i believe this was the transmission audio and not our recording source. Hopefully not an issue going forward.