B96 Late 90's 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam mix

The bible archive of mixes from all years recorded on Chicagoland radio including B96, Dance Factory, The BMX Four, i101, Kiss FM, and more.
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B96 Late 90's 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam mix

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Hey everyone, I just discovered this site and am excited to go through the old mix archives from my favorite city's radio stations!

I have an old B96 5 O'clock Traffic Jam that I recorded that I can share with this group. I grew up in Milwaukee, and every few months my Dad would drive me down to Indiana so I could tag along with him on his business trips. My favorite part about this by far was being able to catch the B96 5 O'Clock traffic jam driving down 94 through Chicago and having a dance party in the car. The more traffic there was, the better since it meant I got to listen to more of the mix before the station faded away in Indiana. To this day I still get nostalgic when stuck in a traffic jam (now in Seattle). On one of these drives sometime in '96 or '97 I brought along a battery-powered radio/tape player and used it to record the Traffic Jam mix. The quality is pretty decent considering, and there are references by the pre-recorded DJ voice messages to "B96 broadcasting from the top of the world's tallest building" within the mix.

Anyway I have a mix to share with everyone. It's around 47MB. What's the best method to do so here?
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Re: B96 Late 90's 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam mix

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Hi there! Wow - the Traffic Jam's were my favorites. Can you use MediaFire?

Also - do you know the year it was recorded?

Thanks so much for sharing.
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