B96 Format Shift

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B96 Format Shift

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B96 has recently adjusted its format and is now a Rhythmic AC station, with half of their playlist consisting of throwbacks from the 1990s to the 2010s (mostly of the hip hop/R&B hits of that era) and the other half consisting of modern-day pop.

There's a theory on other radio boards that Audacy is considering 104.3 Jams WBMX into a simulcast of 670 the Score (WSCR AM), considering the increase of 90s/00s/10s gold tiles on B96 in recent weeks. Also, it's a likely possibility of the 104.3 mixers moving over to B96 and bring back the mixes there should that rumor be a reality in the near-future.


More from the link below:
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Re: B96 Format Shift

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This is AWESOME. Thank you so much for sharing the news.

Hopefully B96 returns to some of its glory. We will be looking out for new mixes possibly returning.
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