Real Name: Tim Schommer. Former B96 radio DJ (1989 - 2003). Legendary DJ/Producer. Remained on the station as an on-air personality until 2005.

Tim Schommer, or "Spinnin" as his middle name is referred to, hails from the East side of Madison, WI. His father ran the local YMCA, which gave Schommer the opportunity to DJ at funded parties in the gym. At 15, Schmommer landed a job mixing at a local club and working at a small radio station. Soon after, he got a job at some of the clubs in nearby Chicago, where he met Julian "Jumpin" Perez. Perez was responsible for putting together a group of DJs for a local radio show that included Schommer, Bad Boy Bill, Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez, and other names that would go on to make it in bigger circles. The show, B96 Street Flava...Flava For Your Ears, gained the DJs local and national exposure.

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