A "soul-train" dance DJ spin-off that aired from 1995-1997 on Channel 26 (WCIU, Now the "U") in Chicago. The program featured mixes from the five B96 mixmasters (Bad Boy Bill, Bobby D, Julian "Jumpin'" Perez, Tim "Spinnin'" Schommer, and Brian Middleton) and included dancing segments that were also seen on such shows like "Soul Train", "American Bandstand", and MTV’s "The Grind". An additional reason for the creation of "U-Dance" was to give an opportunity for viewers who did not have access to cable TV and thus channels that aired music videos, such as MTV, VH1, & BET, to watch the latest music videos by featured B96 artists. Occasionally, some of the artists that were featured on B96 at the time, such as George Lamond, 2 Unlimited, 20 Fingers, Lil Suzy, Fast Edddie, & DJ Funk would do a performance. "U-Dance" was nominated and won an award for "Best Entertainment" in the regional Chicago Emmys in 1995.