Real Name: Mario Nieves. Former B96 radio DJ (2005 - ?).

Hailing from Chicago, USA (the birthplace of House Music), Josh The Funky 1 wears the hat of DJ, producer, radio/podcast host and founder of the label Funktion Recordings.

His first exposure to house music came through Chicago radio station B96 (96.3 fm), where every Friday and Saturday night the sounds of early Chicago House were being radiated into the streets. It’s only naturally fitting then that several years later, he was hand picked to become a weekly resident on B96, the exact same Mix Show that initially hooked him in. While local radio proved to be an invaluable experience, as the digital era progressed it also became limiting.

As is the natural progression for DJ’s to start producing their own music, it was while still a teenager that Josh found himself releasing his first original productions on Chicago based label, International House Records (I.H.R.). Owned by DJ Bad Boy Bill, he quickly snapped up his first single, and it was soon there after that Josh was personally enlisted to be a studio engineer and co-producer on his “Bangin the Box” Mix CD series.

With a wealth of experience under his belt already at an early age, it was apparent that having your own label was essential in creating a brand and identity. Founded and birthed in 2001, Funktion Recordings became a record label for both international artists as well as his own original material. Looking to expand the labels capacity he began a partnership with long time friend and associate, Gus Calderone in 2005. Both passionate and sharing the same vision, they have worked tirelessly at bringing the U.S. based label to the forefront of the International Dance Music world. “ The record label has become so important to me in this digital era where there is just to much music out there for DJ’s to sort through, a trusted brand like ours is vital as a point of reference when searching for new music.” With a growing catalogue from a who’s who of producers including David Tort, Ian Carey, Franky Rizardo, Granite & Phunk, the label is firmly placed at the top of DJ’s go-to list. Of course the label has also been a platform for Josh’s own releases while letting him lend a hand remixing the likes of Kurd Maverick, Chriss Ortega, Harrison Crump, and Erick Decks.

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