Real Name: ?. Former B96 radio DJ (1995 - 2006). First joined B96 as a guest mixer on the "Street Flava" program in 1995 but did not become a regular mixer until 1997.

Chicago-born, DJSPEED found the music of the streets at a young age. As he grew, the club & party scene got him mixed in the vibe. And soon after that, he started his radio career at Chicago’s B96 mixshow and expanded to many radio stations from LA to Miami. Pioneer Electronics also hired him in their debut and development of their staple CDJ & DVJ turntables. Speed has toured the nation performing alongside Timbaland, Paul Oakenfold, Beyonce, Run DMC, Jay Z, & Eminem (to name a few).

He honed his open format style at a time when styles didn’t cross genres, a fusion made easy from his deep Hip Hop background meeting the mainstream demands of radio. Today Speed continues to tour as his sound has further evolved into one tailored for every party, festival and nightclubs he plays.

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